Offensive security

World-class penetration services focused on delivering more than just the compliance value.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments with companies are becoming increasingly common place as companies become more reliant on IT Systems and the sensitive data they may store. Companies may need to comply with international standards and requirements that require regular testing. This could include standards such as the PCI Data security standard whereby companies are required to conduct testing, such as penetration testing, by capable parties.

Application Penetration Testing

Syndis can help identify risks and vulnerabilities in your code and increase the security level before deployment

Red Teaming

In an attempt to counter the shortcomings in the practices of “pen-testing-as-usual”, we pursue our own unique methodology we call Goal Oriented Attack. We engage our customers in a manner that far more closely mirrors the process an actual malicious attacker would use. Every engagement is different and we tailor each project based on the client and their needs.

Security Training for Developers

A unique training platform and hands on training tailored for developers to give them a real world understanding of the impact of writing insecure code. 

Phishing & Social Engineering

Enhance your organization's resilience to social engineering attacks with our Social Engineering Assessment services. Through insightful analysis and targeted recommendations, we help safeguard your sensitive data and personnel against manipulation and unauthorized access.

Physical Penetration Test

Discover vulnerabilities in your physical security with our Physical Penetration Testing services. Our skilled team employs real-world tactics to assess and fortify your defenses. With thorough testing and actionable insights, we help safeguard your assets from unauthorized access.

What to expect

  • Different results than from a standard penetration test with more emphasis on real issues and manual coverage by industry professionals

  • Compliance with regulatory or compliance requirements such as PCI 11.3, PCI 11.1, and ISO27001

  • Gain insight into your companies attack surface and defense posture against cyber attacks

  • Assurances of whether your security investments have made any impacts against attackers

Collaborate with us

We are happy to meet you and talk your security situation through